The statistics and consumer trends confirm with assurance: The future of student healthcare will have a teleconsultation component. With LIFSPK there is a dual focus both on student engagement and, when applicable, training the on-campus care providers on how to interface with the app and connect seamlessly with students.  


In-person patient care is not jeopardized; only streamlined and maximized to enhance efficiencies and reach.  The care that must come in for a physical visit is identified and confirmed while care that can be triaged virtually allows for more efficient workflows and availability for in-person visits.  In every instance, all care is provided to meet patients' total needs through high quality and highly convenient mobile application.

LIFSPK is the first and only telehealth partner truly dedicated to higher education. That is, we work with, not around or in isolation of, the existing resources and mission of the university.  As an upfront and ongoing financial partner, LIFSPK provides pricing models that can drive revenue and care continuity within the campus mental and medical health umbrellas.  


Via chat, audio or visual consultations, healthcare is simplified by bridging the gap between the existing campus health services and students.  As needed, LIFSPK can also provide overflow daytime and/or after-hours access to care when specific services are absent or overextended.




We Understand Colleges, Universities, & Mission of Higher Education

Our vast experience within higher educations serves as the foundation for building a solution that speaks directly to the goals, objectives, and culture of major colleges and universities. Our core leadership is comprised of health and wellness veterans with experience spanning across 3 decades and who have served within and alongside the nation's most compelling institutions.  LIFSPK is proud to bring this platform to market and commit to the ongoing customization of these services for each client.