COVID-19 Readiness & Beyond

As of March 2020; our nation has gone "remote". Specifically, COVID-19 has been a lightning strike on the status-quo operations for universities and colleges across the country. Campuses are dwindling indefinitely and coursework is being relocated online.

There is no question that existing campus-based student health and mental health resources have a role to play in the lives of students seeking primary and mental health consultations in the wake of the new era of online collegiate experiences.

Higher Education Health Professionals who have been talking about the addition of digital access to services are now accelerating their pursuit of the RIGHT partner to make this happen. At LiFsPk, we exist to exclusively partner with and guard the interests of the university clinic resources. We now have been working tirelessly to help university health and counseling centers respond to the near and long term demand for e-consultations. Students have already proven ready for this digital-switch as they already access the majority of their information electronically. Now is the time to collaborate and integrate digital consultations within the framework of our institutions for higher learning.