Sneak Peek: Univ Telehealth Integration

At LifSpk, we pride ourselves as true partners with the telehealth platform that ultimately catapults the student health or counseling centers into the livelihoods of students. It all begins with the pre-launch, implementation process. University leadership & administration have enough on their plates; we work together to ensure the solution is set up for long term, sustainable, success. Here's a quick preview of the initial steps we drive together:

1. Together we review and evaluate the current and future Federal and State Regulations governing teleconsultations.

2. A variety of service and pricing models are evaluated to ensure the best fit for the university patient base and the desired online traffic vs in-person consultations. We know this may be different post COVID-19 and beyond.

3. There's an assessment of the onsite technology and support needs for successful and legally compliant teleconsultation

If you don't have a telehealth partner that walks with you through these steps and well beyond we would be honored to connect for a quick demo and answer any questions you may have. Contact us at: